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Perfectly insulated fruit ripening rooms ensure satisfactory performance. BG Door Australia offers a superior range of ripening room doors and equipment to ripen tropical fruits and especially bananas. Together we create an exclusive tailor-made design for your ripening facility. Making sure you’re always in control of your ripening.

Product areas

Always in control of your precooling and ripening.

High quality gastight doors suited for fruit storage and ripening rooms. Ensure optimum performance.

Specialised doors for different applications. The perfect solution for improving your internal workflow and controlling temperature differences.

Pre-cool and ripening room interior equipment. Guiding the airflow over your product in the best and fastest way.

Our moveable precool unit. Especially designed to rapidly cool down (soft) fruit & vegetable to the right temperature.

Compartmentation for temperature controlled areas. Separation of warm and cool air zones to keep your produce fresh.

Service and maintenance

Searching for spare parts? Need for repair? Replacement of existing doors? Our experts are available to help and get your facility up and running fast. Quick service and maintenance with local back-up or with our team of engineers. Call 1300 243 667.

Working at BG Door

Working at BG Door and its partners means working with an internationally recognised company with a strong technical background. We produce high quality products, invent innovative techniques and offer tailor made solutions to service customers Australia wide.

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