Privacy and Cookie Regulations

BG Door International b.v. and your privacy

These Privacy and Cookie Regulations will explain to you how we handle your personal data. We deem it essential that this is made clear to everyone. Your information is in safe hands with us.

Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?

BG Door International b.v. is responsible for the processing of personal data.

What are personal data?

Personal data includes any information that can be traced back directly or indirectly to you as a person, such as your name and email address, but also, for example, your telephone number or date of birth. Any handling whatsoever of such personal data is called ‘processing’. The legal significance of the concept of ‘processing’ is broad and, among others things, it encompasses the collection, saving, consulting, use, and also the removal of personal data.

Whose personal data do we process?

We process the personal data of persons with whom we are, were, or want to be engaged in a relationship, directly or indirectly. This may include:

  • Contacts or potential contacts at organisations that we consider to be our customers or suppliers, or with whom we have a business relationship in any other sense.
  • Those applying for a job vacancy.

Why do we process personal data?

We process your personal data for the following reasons. We have included a number of examples of processing for each objective.

1. To engage in and maintain a relationship with you

If you or the organisation that you represent want to become a customer or a supplier of ours we will ask for personal data from you. If you apply for a vacancy or want to work with us or undertake an internship we will also need your personal data.

2. To provide you with feedback

We make use of your personal data at the moment when you contact us, for example, by requesting information through our website or by completing our registration form.

How long do we keep personal data?

We do not process more data than is necessary for the objectives specified, neither do we keep your personal data for longer than necessary. We do retain financial administration, which may sometimes include personal data, according to the prevailing legal requirements.

With whom do we share your personal data?

We do not share your personal information with third parties.

Social media

Our website may include links to social media such as LinkedIn and YouTube. These Privacy and Cookie Regulations do not apply to such social media sites, and the use of social media is therefore your own responsibility. We advise you to read the privacy regulations of these social media carefully so that you are aware of what may happen to your data. Many social media providers are domiciled – and will store your personal data – outside the European Union. As a consequence, your personal data may not be protected at the same level as it is within the European Union.

External links

Our website may include links to other external websites. These Privacy and Cookie Regulations do not apply to such websites. We try to keep external links updated and ensure that they refer to the correct websites but we are not responsible for the content of external websites or the way in which they may handle your personal information. We recommend that you always check the way in which such external websites will handle your personal data.


Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer, tablet or phone when you visit our website. Our website only makes use of functional and analytical cookies. Analytical cookies are anonymised, so we do not actively seek your permission for the placement of these cookies because we cannot identify you personally when you visit our website.

1. Functional cookies

We use functional cookies to register and remember your preferences as a visitor to our website. This ensures that you don’t have to state your preferences afresh at each visit.

Cookie Supplier Storage period Description
BG Door Inter­national b.v. Until the browser session ends. This WordPress cookie is used to check whether your browser supports cookies.
__cfduid ionic
1 jaar This cookie is used by the Cloudflare content network to identify trusted web traffic.
BG Door Inter­national b.v. 1 jaar These WordPress cookies save your language preferences.

2. Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to analyse the use of our website so that we can continue to improve its functionality and effectiveness. The software that we use for this is Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics we can, for instance, measure which pages are visited and which links are clicked.

We have concluded a processor agreement with Google in which arrangements have been laid down concerning the handling of the data collected. All data are processed anonymously, and are not shared with third parties or used for any other purpose by Google. Since the cookies have been anonymised, we cannot identify you personally when you visit our website.

Cookie Supplier Storage period Description
_utma Google Analytics 2 years This cookie is used to distinguish between users and sessions. This cookie is created when the Google Analytics script is being performed and no existing _utma cookies are found. The cookie is updated when data have been sent to the Google Analytics platform.
_utmz Google Analytics 6 months This cookie is created to save the traffic source or campaign, so that we can identify the channel through which you visit our website more effectively. This cookie is created when the Google Analytics script has been carried out, and is updated when its content has been sent to the Google Analytics platform.
Google Analytics 2 years These cookies are used to distinguish between users.
_gat Google Analytics 10 minutes This cookie is used to channel requests to the Google Analytics platform.

Adjustment and removal of cookies

If you don’t want us to place cookies on your device you can refuse the use of cookies through the settings or options in your browser. You will need to adjust the settings of each browser and each device separately.

For phones and tablets:

More information about cookies

You can access the following website for more information about cookies:

Which rules apply to the processing of personal data?

Legislation and regulations exist for the protection of personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation has been in effect in The Netherlands since 25 May 2018. This law supersedes the Personal Data Protection Act.

What rights do you have?

You always have the right to ask us about the personal data we process. You can then request that we change incorrect information or supplement your data. You can also inform us if you feel that your personal data should be removed.

Questions and Information

If you have any questions about these Privacy and Cookie Regulations or would like to receive more information about your personal data, please contact BG Door International b.v. by sending an email to

Changes to the Privacy and Cookie Regulations

We may make changes to these Privacy and Cookie Regulations, for example, in the event of a change in either legislation or our own policy. We therefore advise you to re-check our Privacy and Cookie Regulations frequently when visiting our website.

The latest changes date from 25 July 2018.