Curtains and
foam buffers

Curtain 1


Curtain 2


Curtain 3

Easy access to part


  • Curtains electrically operated by 220 volt tube motor and wall push button.


  • Manually operated curtains.
  • Curtains PVC-coated fabric weight approx. 650 Gr/m2.
  • Reinforcement by glass fiber tubes to resist pressure differences. Foam buffers thickness 50, 80 or 100 mm.
  • Standard colors tarp and foam buffers: RAL 1003, 5002, 5005.

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About this product

For precooling and small quantity ripening we manufacture suction walls with foam buffers and special electrically operated curtain closures. Custom made for part loads and especially for various types of fruit and different sized pallets and boxes. These precool walls are also suitable for various other products that require rapid cooling.

Due to the side-seal foam buffers and upper closure system by electrically or manually operated curtains, the cool airflow is guided over your product in the best and fastest way. The installation can be done in cooperation with your local refrigeration technicians.

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