flex doors

Dual flex 1

suitable as
blast cabin door

Dual flex 2

heavy use

hoist up type

Dual flex 3



  • Withstands temperatures from +70°C to -35ºC.
  • Pulling strength of canvas: 4000 N/5cm according to DIN 53 354.
  • Tear resistance: 600 N according to DIN 53 356.
  • The material is UV resistant and rot-proof.

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About this product

Lifting folding door, particularly suitable for sealed units under pressure. For internal or external use, such as blasting cabins (high-pressure jet cabins). The door leaf consists of steel or aluminum profiles of 170 mm thickness, with PES fabric of 900 g/m2 on inside and outside. The lifting mechanism consists of several polyester hoisting belts that are linked at the inside of the bottom beam. Electrically operated by 400V plug-in motor.

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