Ecotop 1

ripening system

Ecotop 2

No refrigeration

Ecotop 3

Flexible and
economical for
starting ripening


  • Insulated panels: 60 mm.
  • Fresh air ventilation: simply by opening the door.
  • Prepared with a connector for an ethylene gas generator. The control system is prepared for immediate operation with ethylene gassing.
  • Side-bumpers (recycled plastic) and illumination.
  • Gas generator.
  • Insulated panels.
  • Online process control.

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About this product

EcoTop Start is a plug-and-play ripening unit, ready for use. It is pre-mounted and tested and includes an air cooler, heat pump (cooling and heating), control system, temperature sensor, manual operated tarp and gastight door. Suitable for all sorts of pallets, box types and part-loaded rooms.

EcoTop Start offers a variety of benefits. This simple, flexible and economic construction boasts low energy consumption. Includes adjustable cooling capacity and adjustable airflow for high humidity ripening. Giving you maximum fruit quality at low ownership costs.

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