roll doors

Iso roll 1

For wide
opening with
different temperatures

Iso roll 2

High insulation,
low weight


Iso roll 3

No damage
by collision


  • Opening and closing speed is approx. 0.10 m/sec.
  • Temperature range: – 35ºC to +80ºC.
  • Iso roll door in 40/60/80 mm thickness.
  • Thermally interrupted profiles.

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About this product

Insulated flexible roll door for temperature-controlled zones or areas for inside use, e.g. (fruit) storage unit. Suitable for internal partition with relatively high temperature differences. Door leaf consists of PVC. Trevira fabric 2mm outside and 0.5mm inside. In between is insulating polyether 46/120 in the thickness of the door model. The individual panels of 2,000 mm wide are interlinked in the door, so that there is no limit to the width that can be supplied.

Condensation problems are limited to a minimum due to the water vapor permeability of the materials used, while at the same time, the maximum insulation value is achieved because of the complete absence of thermal bridges. Electric operation by means of direct drive: electric motor, control unit, transmissions and limit switches. Controlled by means of 3 buttons (open – stop – close). When closing the door, the ‘close’ button must be pressed continuously for safety reasons (dead man’s switch).

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