flex doors

Separation flex 1

separation wall

Separation flex 2

Large areas,
small temperature

Separation flex 3

no damage
by collision


  • Electric operation by means of a 220V/50Hz tube motor.
  • Dimensions: up to 50 meters wide / 8 meters high.
  • Several SEPA Flex Doors can be linked to provide limitless width.
  • Available in 46 standard colors.

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About this product

Compartmentation for temperature-controlled units: as a partition wall in production halls to avoid dirt, dampness or draught. Suitable for large spans. Consists of single canvas with a vertical hoisting belt at every 1500 mm.

The hoisting belts are rolled around a steel winding shaft, so that the canvas is pulled up like a folding curtain. The side fitting hangs freely at approx. 10 mm from the wall. Two steel receiver guides are fitted on the floor at both ends to lock the bottom tube.

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